08 Nov

Penn State University football coach, Joe Paterno, received support from over 1000 fans today. After his 46th season as coach, Paterno is feeling pressure to resign after his former defensive coach, Jerry Sandusky, was investigated for child sexual abuse allegations.  But should Paterno step down?

It was also reported that two Penn State officials, Athletic Director Timothy Curley and Gary Schultz, the university’s senior vice president for finance and business, stepped down over the allegations.  They both face charges of perjury after allegedly covering up the scandal, by misleading a grand jury in its investigation.

What’s mind-boggling is that anyone would actually risk their reputation and the lives of young victims, to protect someone accused of such a heinous crime.  If they did protect Sandusky and he is guilty, hopefully they will all receive the maximum penalty allowed.

Unfortunately, it is hard to believe that Sandusky’s behavior would have gone unnoticed for such a long time.  He reportedly abused eight young boys since 1988 (that we know of).  While Paterno received support today, he allegedly knew of the crime and after reporting it to faculty, he moved on?

It would be sad to hear that Paterno’s long record of success would be overshadowed by this disgraceful scandal.  But shouldn’t he have done more?  They canceled the press conference today…does that add to them sweeping it under the carpet?

What were they all thinking?  Is football more important than our youth?

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