08 Nov

Legendary rapper Heavy D. died Tuesday at the tender age of 44-years old.  Reports suggest he was rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center after collapsing in his California home.  Lt. Mark Rosen said he was still alive and talking when they received the 911 call, but said he was having trouble breathing.  He died about 90-minutes later according to police.

Lt. Rosen told the press, “He collapsed in an exterior hallway and there doesn’t appear to be any foul play. We believe it was medically related.”  The news of his death stunned fans and lit up the internet as many were left in disbelief.

The Jamaican born rapper whose real name was, Dwight Arrington Myers, was known around the world for his huge contribution to rap music.  His success began in the 90’s, as the lead rapper for Heavy D & the Boys, who experienced fame with their highly acclaimed album releases.

Hip-hop fans embraced his hit songs, produced alongside Trouble T. Roy, G-Whiz and Eddie F, which included, “Now That We Found Love”, “Nuttin  But Love, and the theme song for Wayan Brothers comedy series “In  Living Color.”

Heavy D. was in the process of finding a new audience with his cameo role as a security guard in the newly released film “Tower Heist,” starring Eddie  Murphy and Ben Stiller.  He also released a new album back in September.

The ironic twist to his sudden passing, is that less than 24 hours before his death, he tweeted his condolences to legendary boxer Joe Frazier who died on Monday of liver cancer. Heavy D’s final tweet was “BE INSPIRED!”

While his actual cause of death has not yet been determined, an autopsy is pending.  It is sad to hear of a talented performer dying at such a young age.  It just goes to show, life is short and you never know when your time is up.  Let’s just hope he enjoyed his time on earth while he was here…I’m sure millions of his fans are happy he shared his musical talent.

R.I.P Heavy D.


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