14 Nov

A lot of backlash and fall-out has occurred over the sexual assault scandal at Penn State.  But now it has gone further, with the Big Ten Conference opting to scrap Joe Paternos’ name from their new championship trophy.

In the end, it is unfortunate that so many people lost their jobs and reputation over the cover-up.  However, it brings up the question…Is sports more important than a child’s safety?   Many involved seemed to sweep this disgusting act of Jerry Sandusky under the rug, and/or did the minimum required to report it.  But what makes it extremely frustrating is that they seemed to choose sports over tortured children.  Common sense says to report this crime to the police!

Let’s hope this shakedown is a warning for others who turn their back on someone in need; to protect sports, a schools reputation or anything else for that matter.  If you know a child is in danger and do nothing to stop it….you are just as guilty.  It is surprising that many students held candles for the guilty and not for the victims…what a shame!

This scandal is certainly still in its early stages…lawsuits and more dirt is certain to keep spilling out.  Today even the President of the charity where Sandusky planned to spend his retirement, probably harming other children, also resigned. Once again, he also failed to report it to the police.

It all makes you wonder…Penn State was considered “squeaky clean” so imagine what scandals are lurking behind other doors.

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