17 Nov

It was sad to hear that Demi Moore announced she will leave Ashton Kutcher.  After six years of marriage and a seemingly “perfect” relationship, it was surprising to many that he allegedly cheated on her.

This may be a warning for cougars…beware of hooking up with much younger men.  While sometimes it works out, they are more likely to cheat at some point, because many are just not ready for commitment.  Most will say this could happen in any relationship, which is true, but seems more probable when a younger man has a lot of other options.  Sad but true…don’t fool yourself!

Demi may want to choose someone more ready for a long-term relationship.  Will Ashton be the next Brad Pitt…a fall from grace may be inevitable.


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  1. Jolene Silbernagel-Sailer

    November 17, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Doomed from the start. Really! What was she thinking? True, we do not know each of them personally, but it just didn’t seem right. And, then the older Ashton became, the more he morphed into a “cave man” image. I don’t know who In Hollywood thinks that is sexy or marketable or even if it works for Demi, personally I don’t care as he looks like a homeless person on drugs. When I see him on the new Two and a Half Men, the first thing I think of is..smell. He looks likes he smells. Stink. Get a shave and a haircut dude.

  2. Carl

    November 18, 2011 at 7:22 am

    It was doomed from the start. Truth of the matter is a 33 year old man can get with a 25 year old hottie no problem, especially some one of the status of Ashton Kutchers. This should be a clear message to all the ” middle age ” women out there who think that they still have got it!!! You haven’t!!! Age is a bitch!! If you honestly think that you can go out there with your over 40 year self and realisticly compete with all those young fresh 20 somethings then I suggest you smell that coffee hard with both nostrills. Yeah! It might work for a bit, but come on.!!! A young childless man under 35 is going to want to ” roam ” it’s in his DNA. Don’t try and fight nature. Don’t get angry with me, I’m just reporting the truth here. Get real ladies. Stop bitching and get with a guy your own age. Like Danny Glover said in the Lethal Weapon series “Getting too old for this Sh#t!!” remember denial is not a river in Egypt..

    • brittaj

      November 18, 2011 at 9:03 am

      Carl…the truth is in the outcome. I totally agree! That wide of an age gap may be good for a fling, but not the long-term:). Even Halle Berry, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston had trouble with cheating men and they are rich AND beautiful!


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