24 Nov

In this economy joking about someone losing their home is despicable.  But when you work at a foreclosure firm it adds insult to injury.  Well, that is exactly what happened and the employees are now paying the price.

According to news reports, New York’s largest foreclosure law firm, Steven J. Baum, felt the heat after photo’s were released of his employees’ making fun of victims who lost their homes.  During their annual Halloween party last year, staff members dressed up as homeless people and held signs mocking homeowners losing their homes.

They were busted when a former employee recently sent the horrendous photos to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera, who promptly released them.  Now all 89 employees, from the Buffalo-based company, are out of a job.   Maybe they will become homeless?  After this huge scandal leaked, reports suggest the firm closed entirely due to the leaked photos and alleged violations.

It is a sad world we live in, when people can joke about someone losing their home.  Empathy for their predicament can definitely be felt when they walk in their shoes.  In the end, these employees just may find out how it is to be broke and lose your home after losing your job.  The only difference is that many who lost their homes were hardworking American’s who did not deserve it.  These employees will deserve every bit of struggle handed their way…karma is no joke.

Hopefully these insensitive people will get to learn a lesson first-hand and realize joking about any homeless person is not laughing matter.  Who would think this was funny anyway?


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