28 Nov

HERMAN CAIN is probably not thinking that three is a charm today, as new accuser, Ginger White from Atlanta Georgia, has stepped forward.  During an interview on FOX, she claims she had an inappropriate 13 year affair with Cain and knew he was married.  She went on to say it was “simple and not complicated”.  This would make the third accuser in a matter of weeks and a more critical accusation.

Are they all liars?  Is this just a set-up for him to fail?  Two claim sexual harassment and one says an affair…insane!  During his interview with CNN today he said he is most worried about how his family and wife would feel after hearing “more lies”.  How long will his wife stand by his side?

While Cain acknowledges knowing the woman, he adamantly denies having a relationship with her.  This is turning out to be a juicy Presidential campaign, but unfortunately the timing could not be worse.  The U.S. has bigger fish to fry than discussing candidates alleged indiscretions.  Is this a ploy to distract us from the real issues?  Depending on what you read, there is somewhere from 3-5 women now accusing him of something.

With the millions of possible candidates for President, why can’t they find a “decent person” with no dirt to run for office?  Do all Politicians have skeletons in their closet…making this impossible to achieve?  Cain says “he expected things to come out” during the campaign but not lies, and his family should not be subjected to them.  Where has he been?  Ridiculous things always come out during an election campaign…you need tough skin to run and so does your family.  Didn’t he prep them?

Seriously, is this the cream of the crop…they have to know these details when they choose a candidate.  Not sure how you feel, but I’m tired of them thinking we are all idiots.

Look, Cain could be completely innocent, but how does this happen so often to someone with a clean background?

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