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The popular site for bloggers, WordPress, is incredible and easy to use.  When researching the different blogging websites, this seemed to be the best one out there. During the past 18 months it has worked well for me; sharing with the world my thoughts on news and current events.  Although there were some upgrade products to purchase, it was otherwise a free service which was awesome.

During the past month new changes were starting to occur and it dawned on me that something was happening soon.  Sure enough, when I went to post a video this week, it would not work.  There was no way to post videos from Youtube or my hard drive.  It seems as though the free ride is over…while the site still allow users to post blogs at no charge, posting video’s will now cost about $60 bucks a year. 

They just celebrated their 8-year anniversary, great it changes now that I’m using it!  That is the story of my life…but I guess everyone has to earn money in this economy, I just wish they would have given us a heads up.  If this is not the case…and just a glitch in the system, hoping they will reach out and correct me.  

The question of the hour…will you pay for the upgrade?  In life, nothing comes for free…or if it does it doesn’t last forever so guess I will have to bite the bullet.

Pretty soon will there be a charge to post videos everywhere?  Will we pay for the internet in more ways than now?  Trust me, with the potential income in the billions…this is coming soon.

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Many fans have asked which current contestant on Simon Cowell’s X Factor has the highest number of Twitter follower’s.  It was a huge surprise when I checked the stats on December 3, 2011. 

While Josh Krajcik ranks highest in the polls and is the favorite to win, he is actually at the bottom of the list when it comes to TwitterMelanie Amaro, is second in the polls and holds the same spot when it comes to her number of Tweeps.  However, it may shock you to hear, that although Rachel Crow is currently near the bottom when it comes to the poll on who will win, she leads the pack when it comes to Twitter follower’s.

Some may argue that this is due to Crow’s age demographics–because it fits for those staying current with social media.  And with Josh being over thirty, some in his generation are clearly behind when it comes to Twitter.  Is this the reason?  Not 100% sure, but if you notice the staggering amount of follower’s for the other young contestants, age may just may be the culprit.

It will be interesting to see if any of this matters when it comes to the winner in the end…we know Drew went home this week and she had over 113,000 follower’s (and growing).  But amazingly enough Astro also was sent back to Brooklyn and lead the pack with over 145,000 follower’s (and growing)!

Check out the stats below and weigh in on who you think will win.

AMOUNT OF TWITTER FOLLOWER’S – FINAL 5 CONTESTANTS (Note: numbers adjust by the minute stats as of 12/3/11)

1. Rachel Crow – 83,030

2. Melanie Amaro – 78,893

3. Chris Rene64,711

4. Marcus Canty – 52,676

5. Josh Krajcik – 43,644

6. Brittaj17 – 766 (LOL!  I have some work to do:)  Please follow me so I can catch up!



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The X Factor USA is heating up as the final 5 contestants fight it out to the finish.  But the judges are also at war, and during the past few weeks one thing has become more clear…Simon Cowell is a bully! 

It’s amazing to watch just how angry Simon gets when the other judges don’t agree with him whole heartedly.  He has been especially cruel to Nicole, bashing her every move.  She seems on the verge of tears just about every week, after he hits hard with his punches.  But he also recently told Paula to “shut up” when she tried to give her opinion on one of his mentee’s performances.  Since she is used to his “bully mentality”, thankfully she seems more immune to him now. 

L.A. Reid seems to get under Simon’s skin, but he is fearless when taking his abuse. This obviously does not sit well with Simon, because you can practically see steam coming out of his ears when L.A. gives it right back.

The problem with Simon coming across as a bully, is that he hired the judges to offer feedback.  But when they try to do exactly what he pays them for, he pounces on them.  Why doesn’t he just judge for himself and get rid of the others if only his opinion counts?

While I like Simon Cowell, his fame and power has obviously gone to his head.  If he does not back off a bit, he may just find himself all alone next season.  Or maybe he will replace them with weak “Yes Sir” judges who have no backbone and repeat everything he says.  Then he can continue to be a bully and run the show.

Simon, if you want to meet your match, look me up.  I’m up for the challenge and bullies don’t scare me!  And you may want to read this message to bullies…to put you on the right track.  It would be good if you show your judges a bit of respect and let them judge, this is why you selected them.


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According to news reports, Herman Cain has decided to put his run for Presidential candidate on hold.  Well, this is no surprise at all…with all the women coming out of the woodwork, he probably needs this time to explain to his wife and children the real story.  Seriously…could they all be lying?

Cain may have been able to overcome the issue with women alleging sexual harassment, but with this new alleged 13-year affair with Ginger…no deal!  Who admits to giving money to a female friend with “no strings attached”?  And the fact that he never told his wife that he was dishing out their cash, would definitely be a problem.  He needed to fire his Campaign Manager early on, because he was obviously not coached on how best to handle discussions on his “issues”, with the news media.

When Cain spoke with reporters during interviews, he provided some of the worst excuses ever…it was clear that his campaign was over.  While he says it is “on hold”, we all know it is actually a done deal.  Many have different views on whether his personal life matters, during his run for office.  But we all know, a cheater is a cheater.  If he conveniently forgets to tell his wife about supporting another woman, what will he forget to tell the voter’s?

Today he released a statement; “One of the first declarations that I want to make to you today is that I am at peace with my God. I am at peace with my wife, and she is at peace with me”.  Really?

Herman Cain can go back to making Pizza’s…it’s over!  Where do they find these people?

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