03 Dec

The popular site for bloggers, WordPress, is incredible and easy to use.  When researching the different blogging websites, this seemed to be the best one out there. During the past 18 months it has worked well for me; sharing with the world my thoughts on news and current events.  Although there were some upgrade products to purchase, it was otherwise a free service which was awesome.

During the past month new changes were starting to occur and it dawned on me that something was happening soon.  Sure enough, when I went to post a video this week, it would not work.  There was no way to post videos from Youtube or my hard drive.  It seems as though the free ride is over…while the site still allow users to post blogs at no charge, posting video’s will now cost about $60 bucks a year. 

They just celebrated their 8-year anniversary, great it changes now that I’m using it!  That is the story of my life…but I guess everyone has to earn money in this economy, I just wish they would have given us a heads up.  If this is not the case…and just a glitch in the system, hoping they will reach out and correct me.  

The question of the hour…will you pay for the upgrade?  In life, nothing comes for free…or if it does it doesn’t last forever so guess I will have to bite the bullet.

Pretty soon will there be a charge to post videos everywhere?  Will we pay for the internet in more ways than now?  Trust me, with the potential income in the billions…this is coming soon.

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Posted by on December 3, 2011 in Britta's SCOOP


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