05 Dec

The United States Postal Service announced cuts are on the horizon.  More than 500 facilities are expected to close next year.  Next day delivery will also be canceled which will delay deliveries.  In the future plan on 2-3 days instead.  These cuts will reportedly save them $3 billion dollars over time and help them avoid bankruptcy.

This comes at the worst time possible.  The new unemployment figures were released last week, dropping to under 9%.  How many people will now lose their jobs?  They reported none for now…but if they are closing half of their facilities, this seems unlikely.

Although the amount of mail going out these days, probably justifies these cuts…were they too slow to adjust to the new trends?  Online bill payment has become popular and “snail mail” does seem “old school” but maybe they missed the mark. 

It’s unfortunate that they could not come up with a plan early on, to generate other sources of revenue and save at least some of the jobs.  But the speed of technology has its positive and negative effects and if companies are not on their game, they get left behind.

Will mail delivery soon be a thing of the past?  How much have you cut back on mailing things lately?

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