06 Dec

Last week on The X Factor, popular rapper Astro a.k.a. Brian Bradley, was cut.  But how can that be?  In viewing the top contestant’s Twitter accounts, he had the most follower’s as of the first week of December. 

Astro now has over 162,000 Twitter follower’s, so it’s amazing that he ever found himself with the lowest number of votes.  Although he had an “outburst” earlier, after finding himself in the bottom two and lost some fans, his number of follower’s continued to grow.  It was puzzling to see…but maybe the controversy peaked interest, not fans. Or they felt bad and showed support by seeking him out?

This did not only hold true for Astro, actually during the same time period Drew had the second highest amount of follower’s on Twitter.  She now has 130,000 but as we all know, she also was cut.  So it is confirmed…the number of Twitter follower’s does not secure your spot.  So Rachel Crow may not want to get too comfortable, she currently has the most Tweeps of the remaining contestants…but we now know that means nothing. 

It’s also interesting to note, since my blog WHO HAS THE MOST TWITTER FOLLOWER’S ON THE X FACTOR, the contestants voted off, saw a huge increase.  When you check out the blog you will see last week’s totals.  Then click on the link to their Twitter accounts and see how their numbers have surged!

On another note, too bad Astro was bumped off the show, most likely due to his temper tantrum.  He is a talented rapper and only a young teen…seems like he should have been more easily forgiven.  Kanye West does worse things and is still around…right?  Creative minds are typically highly emotional.

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