07 Dec

The judge made his decision today and it seemed to be a strong message to politicians.  Commit the crime…and you will do the time.  Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich found himself changing his tune, just before being sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.  After months of claiming his innocence and acting like a celebrity, he buried his head in shame as he apologized to his family, supporter’s and the judge, by saying he is “unbelievably sorry.”

Blago was found guilty of corruption after being accused of trying to secure power and money for the replacement senate seat of Barack Obama. This should be a lesson for all corrupt politicians who believe they are “above the law”.  If you break the law…you too can end up behind bars. 

There is no immunity in America for criminals…that is, if you get caught.  Many have gotten away with abuse of the system for decades, so kudos’ to the judge and jury for putting an end to at least one slick politician.

Will corruption ever end?  Probably not, but getting one dirty politician at a time may slow it down.  This is a sad day for his innocent children…now they are the ones who will truly suffer.

Hopefully others will think twice before putting their family, freedom and reputation at risk.  Blago will now get to mop floors, scrub toilets and find new supporter’s behind bars…he is very sociable so he should do just fine.

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