08 Dec

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Another tragic loss of life in Chicago, but this time it is the lowest of low.  Police authorities say a 20-year-old mom, killed her 3-month-old infant when he continued crying after her night out with friends.  To make matters worse, the next day she actually took the decease baby shopping with her for several hours.  How sick is this!

Her friends got suspicious when they noticed that the baby wasn’t moving.  In an effort to calm them, she told them he was sleeping.

 Authorities say it was a neighbor who actually saw blood on the blanket and called police.  When questioned, she confessed to slapping the baby then putting a blanket over his face, pressing down until his arms began jerking and he stopped crying.

What a horrific thing to hear…who would kill an infant for crying!  It’s amazing that someone could harm such a fragile baby and go on as though nothing happened.  Is this what our world has come to?

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