08 Dec

The X Factor was down to five contestants tonight and the ending was painful to watch.  Last night they had no room for error and all fought to make it to the finish line.  Several of them had standout performances, my favorites were Chris Renes’ original song, Melanie’s heartfelt rendition of Adeles’ smash single ‘Someone Like You’, and Josh singing the new Rihanna hit “We’ve Found Love” with his soulful twist.  Forget the judges on this one, Simon and L.A. Reid were completely wrong with their critique for Josh.

Lenny Kravitz opened the show with a sampling from his new CD, ‘Black And White America’, followed by Mary J. Blige (kind of boring…really like her other songs better) singing a ballad.  But these are still two incredible performer’s who the contestants can really learn from…so hopefully they took notes.

It was up to the fans to select the best of the best, but did they fail us?  Well, after they announced Josh Krajick  was safe first, it seemed as though they were on the right track, seeing that he’s the favorite to win.  Next was Chris Rene making it to the semi-finals, this made it even more clear that the fans were going to get it right.  Melanie was the next name called and we all knew this would happen.  What an accomplishment…for someone who got cut by Simon early on to now be in the final four.

Finally…after week’s of incorrect predictions, I was right!  It came down to Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow to sing for their lives.  This was no surprise to me, while they both sound good, they were my least favorite singers.  Simon did some last minute coaching with Rachel, as she said “I got it SImon”.  But did she have it? 

Marcus selected the classic “I’m Going Down”, which could have been an omen.  Who let him pick that song?     Well, he did give it his all, even had veins popping out of his neck.  Rachel then belted out an old classic, with the verse “something told me it was over”,  but seemed confident she could beat Marcus.  She actually sounded really good and it was her best performance to date.  She rocked the song and deserved to stay based on her  “moment” tonight.  But was it too little too late?

Nicole was left with the final decision, she broke down in tears and could not decide so left it up to the fans (which she was later booed for doing).  It went into a deadlock and based on last nights votes, Rachel Crow went home.  She obviously was shocked and had a meltdown, crying hysterically saying “Mommy you promised me!”  It was sad to see, but don’t they warn them that anyone can end up leaving?  Maybe they should add that to “mentoring lessons”, instead of having to cut to a clip in panic mode when they breakdown on live television. 

She cried as though her life was over…which we know is not true, she will be fine.  However, this makes me wonder if contestants under 16-years-old is too young?  Maybe they are not ready for this much pressure, and need more maturity to handle it.  Remember Astro’s meltdown? 

It’s down to the final four, Josh, Melanie, Chris and Marcus.  I am truly amazed that Marcus has made it this far, but luck is on his side.  The semi-finals are next week and one of them will become an instant millionaire.  It will be exciting to see a rags to riches story unfold right in front of our eyes.

Who do you think will go all the way?  Once again, who has the most Twitter follower’s means nothing…Rachel had more than all the remaining contestants.



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  1. Jim Culpepper

    December 9, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    I was very disappointed in the elimination of Rachel last night. She had never been in the bottom two and Marcus was there for the third time. The judges clearly stated to the viewing audience that the performance by Rachel & Marcus would determine who would be eliminated. They simply lied!!!! The best performance was clearly by Rachel. Nicole should resign immediately. She is a judge and didn’t fullfill her responsibilities. The live audience clearly booed her as a result. Why have a “sign off” if it doesn’t mean anything. Shame on the judges!!!!

    • brittaj

      December 9, 2011 at 3:22 pm

      I agree…based on last night Rachel should have stayed! The judges need to step it up and stop being whimps…:) They are paid millions to make a decision!


    December 10, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Yeh they get something like 6 million a week!
    I am from Ireland so I mostly watch The X Factor UK but sometimes I see The X Factor USA!
    I am only 11 but I really want to be a singer so I watch these shows to pick up on stuff for when I become a famous singer!!!:)

    • brittaj

      December 23, 2011 at 10:30 pm

      Irish Girl…keep practicing so you can end up on The X Factor and win a huge prize! Post your singing video on Youtube…maybe you will become famous like Justin Beiber!:) You never know…

  3. Luz

    December 11, 2011 at 1:53 am

    I have been a fan of Chris since the beginning of the show. The winner should be the best all around performer and that is Chris Rene. This young man has all of the XFactor. He performs, sings, creates and has a lot of charisma. He also has a vibrant personality which will sell records.Marcus is a real performer and he is well liked. Josh and Melanie are very good singers but all they do during a performance is just stand there.Both are very boring entertainers. Chris has double the charisma and he is very talented. He wrote Young Homey and Where do we go from here. He received high praise from the fans and the judges. Chris was even called by Stevie Wonder telling Chris that he was inspiring him. And Stevie is an international superstar. Stevie did connect with Chris and Stevie did not do this to get fan votes since Stevie does not need more publicity since he was successful before Chris became a fan and judge favorite. Chris performs every week and his performance is great. On the last song that he sang on stage he even used the guitar.Fans have said that Chris plays piano also. This young man is super talented and should be the winner. Come on folks support him for the win!


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