13 Dec

Bob Gray may be the luckiest man alive.  Talk about breaking into Hollywood with a bang!  After moving to California from Cleveland, Ohio with his girlfriend Liza Foster, he hit the cell phone jackpot.  

He recently arrived in Huntington Beach, California with dreams of getting into movies and helping his girlfriend become an actress. Soon after settling in Bob went to a Sprint store to receive the local 310 area code for his cell. He obtained the new number and went on his way.  The very next day he began receiving calls and text message invites to grand-openings, pro-basketball games and celebrity parties.

The couple was extremely excited but could not figure out how they became popular so fast.  Amazingly enough they soon received a text they could not ignore; a Birthday party invite with a text that ended with, “Love and kisses – Paris.”  He wondered what to do and finally decided to text back asking that “his friends” Bob and Liza be put on the list. 

Well, it worked!  After arriving to the party in a rusted SUV, under dressed with jeans and sneakers, they met the concierge at the entrance.  Of course they were not given the “royal treatment” due to their gear and vehicle…the man even said “Who are you?”  In a quick response he replied, “Bob Gray”, as if that meant anything.  But after checking the guest list, sure enough…they were invited!  The concierge apologized and promptly let them in.

Later in the week, he received a call from Adam Sandler.  This is how he learned that he had been blessed with the old cell phone number of actor Nick Swardson, who apparently is a popular guy. Funny enough Swardson eventually called him a few days later and said, “So how does it feel to be living my life?”

What happens only in Hollywood?  But of course…Adam Sandler told Gray he should write a script about his experience.  It will likely get shopped around, become a movie, and a hit…lucky guy.  Strange enough, although I have seen Nick in movies, never knew his name, so maybe Bob has actually put him on the map:).

The only phone number I would likely end up with would be to the IRS.  Who wants that?

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