14 Dec


Approximately 1.3 billion people live in China.  Which is what makes this story about small children being hit, simply unbelievable.  Back in October the world watched in horror, video of a small girl in China who was hit by two vehicles then left for dead.  Well, to make matters worse this horrific accident happened again this month.  

The first time it happened was back in October, on a street in China.  This disturbing video shows how a 2-year-old girl was hit by a car then run over again by a truck, without help from anyone.  As the small child lay in the street injured and bleeding, the footage shows how many continued to drive around her body or walk-by for a very long time.  Unfortunately, the little girl later died from her severe injuries. 

Well, after so much outrage the residents of China must have learned from their mistake.  Recently another child in China could have faced the same situation, but luckily this time she received help. A 5-year-old girl apparently had a temper tantrum in the street while walking with her parents.  They obviously were fed up with her outburst and foolishly left her lying there as they moved ahead.  Suddenly an SUV hit the little girl and ran over her body.  Thankfully this time about 16 strangers went to her rescue, lifting the vehicle and pulling her to safety.  The girl survived and even went to kindergarten that same day.  This amazing video footage shows how these hero’s refused to let another child die.

It’s good to know that we still have a slice of humanity left in the world.  In a country with such a large population, you would hope that someone could take time out to save a human life, especially a young one.  But what were the parents thinking?  Why would they leave a small child in the street unattended?  We all know temper tantrums can be unbearable, but they should be punished for not thinking more responsibly. 

What do you think? 

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