20 Dec

NBA super star KOBE BRYANT should have stayed faithful or gotten out early…because he has now made it easy for wife, Vanessa Bryant, to file for divorce and take him to the bank.  Vanessa seems to have had enough with his indiscretions and is walking away…but as a multi-millionaire. 

Apparently when they married 10 years ago, she allegedly did NOT sign a prenuptial agreement. Based on California law, if she is clear of a prenup, she will likely receive more than half of his reported net worth of $150 million.  On top of that she would be entitled to spousal and child support.  While divorce is tough on the kids, she can shop her sorrows away, for a very long time.

Kobe Bryant was the top earning player in the NBA last season, securing $24.8 million in salary alone.  This does not include his endorsement deals or his $83 million extension contract.  With this much money coming in, maybe he won’t mind sharing it with his soon to be ex-wife.  Hopefully the alleged side affairs were worth more than $75 million…they must have been diamond coated women. 

While many have questioned why he would cheat on such a beautiful wife, they forget the main ingredient.  Men do not cheat based on looks…it is always something else.  Cheating spouses have also reportedly side-stepped on some of the most beautiful women in the world….remember Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston?  And they were rich and attractive!  Looks mean nothing to a man’s you know what.

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