25 Dec


MICHAEL JORDAN retired years ago, but it seems his sneaker legacy lives on.  It was amazing to hear that Nike’s release of the new Air Jordan XI, is causing riots around the country.  The new gym shoe retails for a whopping $180 a pair, but this did not stop shoppers from fighting over them at the Jefferson Mall in Seattle, as well as stores in LA, Jersey City, and other areas.

It’s unfortunate that a simple pair of overpriced shoes can create chaos and waste valuable time of the police officers called to the scene.  Pepper spray was even needed at one site after 1000 people lined up at a store, then tore the door off of its hinges to get in.  Many stores reported shots fired, riots, arrests and people being trampled.  

Have people completely lost their minds?   Theses are shoes for goodness sakes!  Why would anyone go to jail or even get that excited over something so trivial?  It probably has something to do with the hype created when a group of teens and young adults gets together, they feed off of each other and become savages.

This is a sad day for our world’s state of mind; it is tragic that material things can cause this sick behavior.  There are so many other more important things to think about these days.  People are losing their jobs and many have nothing to eat on Christmas.  Seriously, all this over shoes?  

Brian Facchini, a spokesman for Nike’s Jordan brand, released a statement saying; “We are extremely concerned to hear of the reported crowd incidents around the launch of the Air Jordan XI at some select retail locations. Consumer safety and security is of paramount importance. We encourage anyone wishing to purchase our product to do so in a respectful and safe manner.”

If they love this shoe so much, they must not care about the name behind them.  Michael Jordan is certainly disappointed in this unbelievable behavior.  It is time that our American youth get their priorities straight.

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