27 Dec

Celebrity marriages has stooped to a new low.  First Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries only 72 days after the honeymoon, now Sinead O’Connor called it quits after just 20 days!

The popular singer tied the knot in Las Vegas on December 8th, but announced on her website Monday…it is over.  Apparently marrying therapist Barry Herridge was rushed and according to a post by O’Connor, she was not aware or prepared for the consequences on her husband’s life and the lives of those close to him. She added; “He has been terribly unhappy so she ended the marriage.”  Was it due to crack cocaine?  Check out what was reported and be surprised!

Why don’t these stars take their vows seriously?  They have more money than the average couple, so you would think they would take more time choosing a spouse. 

Well, let’s hope there is better news for newly engaged stars Matthew McConaughey and Singer John Legend who proposed to model Chrissy Teigen over the holidays.  It would be sad to hear about another short-lived marriage. The rate of couples marrying is already at an all-time low of 50%!

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