28 Dec

Less than a week ago a miracle happened.  Conjoined twins were born in Brazil, but with one unique difference, there was one body and two heads.

Unfortunately for the infants and their parents, doctors will be unable to separate them at this time.  The twin boys named Jesus and Emanuel were delivered by emergency C-section.  Although the doctors released the statement; “It’s important to understand that this is two babies and not one baby with two heads”, looking at the photo makes you believe otherwise.  But doctor’s consider it a multiple birth because they have two functioning brains, two separate spinal cords and share several internal organs.

The condition is called dicephalic parapagus, which is extremely rare.  They were apparently joined together because of a “delay in cellular division.

It would be amazing if they could separate them at some point…but how would that work?  They seem to have only enough room for one head if they were split in two.  This will definitely be challenging for the babies as well as their parent, if they survive this at all.

Do they have two birth certificates? 


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