07 Jan

It was reported that 85 Illinois lottery winners were stunned to find that their checks had bounced.  After depositing the checks totaling $159,000 over the holiday weekend, they noticed funds were not clearing. 

When contacting the Illinois lottery board, they were told that a mistake happened when a computer file wasn’t sent on time to the lottery’s bank.  It was blamed on the lack of staff during the holidays, but that sounds a bit fishy.  Why wouldn’t the money be in the account in advance?  They knew it was a holiday right?

Many winners were furious since in turn, their checks bounced too, which is embarrassing and costly.  Lottery officials agreed to pay any penalties, but is that enough?

What is really behind this story.  Is the money running out or in some “other” account?  It certainly calls for an investigation and seems suspicious.  Maybe that’s why they doubled the cost of Powerball tickets, going from $1 to $2 in January.

This is exactly why I say, “If I win the lottery, I’m taking the money UP FRONT”.  What would happen if they really could not pay or went under?  Would you be out of luck?  My advice, take what you can when you can…trusting future payouts will happen, may just cost you.

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