08 Jan


Former NBA superstar Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend.  He looked great, showing off his new frame after losing close to 40 pounds, on the new Weight Watcher’s for men.  He even cracked a joke about it…but we all saw based on his new size, it was well worth the laughs.

Although this was his third time hosting SNL, unfortunately three was not a charm.  He had a hard time keeping up with the skits and was clearly reading from the prompter.  Obviously he had little time to prepare, because he just could not remember his lines.

It’s unfortunate that SNL cannot get better writer’s because even had he learned his lines, most were just not funny.  The only highlights were him dressing up as a woman and his cheap shot about Michael Jordan regarding his recent engagement.  Otherwise it fell flat and could have been much funnier.

In the end, it did look like he was having fun…which is probably more the point.  But Kelly Clarkson was the featured singer and pretty much stole the show.  Her new tracks rock!

Barkley is still the man…and since I had the pleasure of hanging out with him years ago, I know he is actually really funny!  Maybe four will be a charm…


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