08 Jan

The cast of the Jersey Shore were back in action this week, but rumor has it, this may be their final season.  Many are hooked on watching these reckless young adults cause havoc and this season proves to be the same.   Watching the show is actually one of my extremely guilty pleasures, but even I agree. it may be time for them to call it quits.

How many more times can we watch them fight?  Mike “The Situation” was back to his usual mischief, starting trouble with Nicole (“Snooki” ) and “Unit”.  Denna was back to her need for attention, not happy about her friend “hooking up” with her “wanna be” man and roommate.  Sammi and Ronnie are certain to have another blow-up.  Paulie D’s tanning and haircuts are becoming “old news”. Vinny became a depressed whiner and Jenni (“Jwowww”) has turned into a boring sidekick.  

In one of their smartest moves, the talentless cast may actually be on to something.  Maybe they should wrap it up and call it a day.  Word has it, they are not interested in filming another season.  This may be the only smart idea that they have had, in the history of the show.  The only problem is, their five minutes of fame and million dollar deals may also end…let’s hope they stashed away some of their cash. 

Well, in the end, it was entertaining.  Watching others in a dysfunctional environment makes us all feel better about our situation, no matter how bad.  It served its purpose, but let’s see if they really decide to end the show.  Especially if  the producers throw more money at them, in an attempt to persuade them to continue. Rumor has it, Snooki and Jwowww may also be in the works for their own show, so maybe that will hold them over.

Let’s face it, the average young adult without a college degree or extreme intelligence, would never make as much money as they have.  This was their lucky break, and like winning the lottery.  Who else do you know making millions for drinking, fighting and partying (besides The Kardashian’s, Paris Hilton & Lindsey Lohan).

What do you think?  Has The Jersey Shore run its course?

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