18 Jan

AMERICAN IDOL season 11 aired tonight and it did not disappoint.  In watching the show over the years, it surprises me that it’s still fresh and entertaining.  It continues to be addictive and this part of the show is still fun to watch.

The talent this year is hot and the heat was felt early on, starting with the incredible voice of the opening singer.   Ryan Seacrest  went as far to say they actually broke a record, for the amount of contestants who made it through on day one.  It appeared that close to 20 singers straight, received a golden ticket and from what they aired, many definitely deserved it.  There was also an increase in teen singers and boy were they talented!

When the change of judges took place last year, I was skeptical if the show would continue.  But Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler actually have grown on me…in a good way.  They are likeable, have personality and fit well with Randy Jackson.  I really enjoy their chemistry and believe they are keeping the spark alive, especially with the loss of Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Each year the talent seems to get better and it looks like they are headed for another great season.  However, in the past our early favorites seem to fizzle along the way, let’s hope this changes this year. 

It is tough to really judge which show is better….The X Factor or American Idol?  Not sure if the first love always wins over, but I still give Idol a bit of an edge.  It’s probably why Kelli Clarkson has rocked it for so long (besides her amazing voice!).

On another note, why do really bad singers audition then get angry or upset when they don’t make it?  Parents need to tell their kids the truth…if they suck please say it and save them the embarrassment! 

What do you think?  America Idol or X Factor?

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