25 Jan

The internet is on fire and the video is certain to go viral quickly.  A video posted on YouTube shows the freak accident of a bulldog getting sucked in by an elevator door.  Many animal lover’s are outraged but happy to hear the dog survived.

A Chicago man entered the elevator in his building, but apparently he was not watching closely.  Because his bulldog’s leash got caught in the door, when the dog decided to stay in the lobby.  As the door closed, he was pulled up by his leash, choking him with his own collar.

The stunned man told reporters, “I actually almost didn’t want to open the door and see what had happened on the lobby side. I wish I would have let go of the leash, but it all happened so fast that it pulled me in and it was impossible to take my hand out of the strap.”

Fortunately the dog survived with little damage, but the owner ended up with a broken wrist. Surveillance footage from the lobby is incredible to watch, but hopefully teaches all dog lover’s a lesson…pay attention to your pet!

We are all so distracted these days, especially with cell phones and other things…this is definitely a sign that we all need to slow down and enjoy life (and our pets).

 The bulldog is resting comfortably, but probably is wondering if he will continue to be “man’s best friend”.

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