31 Jan

This is one of the most ridiculous legal cases on the record.  The story of California mom, Crystal Harris, has caused public outrage and new proposed laws to protect abused spouses in the future.

Crystal Harris was a wife and mother of two small children, when she was sexually assaulted by her husband.  Although he abused her and was later convicted and incarcerated, she was later forced to pay him alimony along with his paying his legal fees.  Say what!

The woman told her story to ABC News and it now has made national news. Harris went on record stating that after her husband Shawn Harris abused her multiple times, she kept a tape recorder on hand, in the event he abused her again. The recorder later became her savior; he forced her to have sex with him while her children slept in their home in Carlsbad, CA, and it was caught on tape.  After turning the tape over to police authorities, they used it in court and a jury convicted him on one count of forced oral copulation, which sent him to prison until 2014.

What kind of judge forces a rape victim to pay $1000 a month alimony to her abuser?  How sick is this…and where is the common sense?  Is the court system so shallow that they cannot use common sense and need a new law to avoid this insanity from happening?

In recent years laws have been enacted to protect victims after being assaulted.  It is amazing that this would even happen in this day and age.  Let’s hope they sign that bill quickly; to insure no one else has to endure this second rape of their dignity.


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