02 Feb

AMERICAN IDOL season 11 has had a lackluster premier; with reports that ratings are down.  But this year the talent is some of the best seen in a long time. Many contestants have stepped out on the stage with unexpected results.

Last night Jessica Phillips sang with deep feeling.  It was obvious that her heart was broken and you could hear the pain in her voice.  What an incredible woman to step up to support her fiance after an unexpected stroke.  While he may have forgotten who she was just after his stroke, it was clear his love for her now, was extremely deep. 

Then onto St. Louis tonight, with 22-year-old Johnny Keyser starting the show off with a soulful rendition of the Sam Cook classic “Change is Gonna Come”.  He may be a server in and Italian restaurant now, but change is definitely “a coming” for him.  All I can say is AMAZING!  Another stand-out singer tonight was the son of a musician, Ethan Jones, who belted out raspy soulful sounds. 

While they were really in awe of the part-time band member, Lauren Grey, from Arkansas, she was not on the top of my list.  It makes me think we were listening to something completely different.  Was it just me?  Or did you hear the same cracks in her voice?   The judges seemed to love her, so maybe she sounds better live.

It makes me wonder if ratings are down because viewers want to watch more horrible singers with no talent.  When they started the series, it seems like they showed more wacky performances.  Do people just prefer to see contestants they could beat?  Are we obsessed with failure?  Hopefully not, because I enjoy hearing all the unknown talent lingering among us.  It’s great to see them living their dreams.

There were also incredible singers in earlier shows; including the single mom, Britnee Kellogg, whose husband cheated.  I loved how she sang “You’re No Good”…very fitting.  Liberian refugee, Romeo Diahn also had a touching story and sang with emotion.  This year the judges are lucky to have this much talent to put through to Hollywood.  However, they will certainly have a hard time narrowing it down to top ten.

On another note, Randy Jackson got slammed by his competitor from “The Voice”, Judge Adam Levine lashed out on The Ellen Show, in response to his comments.  So although the talent is strong, Randy may want to bite his tongue.  Come on “dog”, how you gonna say that if they can’t make Idol they audition for (second rate show) “The Voice”.

I wonder what the judges and Idol producers think about the Simon Cowell shake-up?  He fired everyone except the camera man!

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