07 Feb


Los Angeles is buzzing about the recent sexual abuse allegations against two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in L.A.  It was just announced that all teachers along with the entire administrative and cafeteria staff, have been replaced while this case is under investigation.  Could this be the ultimate cover-up of all time?  Well, there was the recent Penn State scandal.

Time U.S. website reported stories of horrified parents, who were angered to hear about the sexual abuse happening at their children’s school.  What made it worse, is that school officials allegedly knew about it for over a year.  Miarmonte School is attended by mostly hispanic students and some parents are suggesting they would have known sooner, had this not been the case.  Would this have been concealed had it happened at a school of the movie stars in L.A.?  Why did this take so long to be announced?

The unthinkable acts of, Mark Berndt, a teacher for over 30-years at Miramonte Elementary School, were uncovered when he was arrested.  Police authorities say Berndt allegedly assaulted 23 young children under the age of 10.  In addition to hearing this news, parents were just informed about another teacher at the school, Martin Springer, who also was arrested on sexual-abuse charges.  They were furious that they had not been notified earlier and who could blame them?  If a child does even the slightest thing to upset the school district, they are suspended immediately and it is plastered all over the news.

Berndt, was accused of taking hundreds of disgusting photo’s of students; which included him showing kids ready to ingest an unknown white substance from a blue plastic spoon.  Amazingly enough, a spoon similar to those shown in the photos was found in a trash can in one of his classrooms, and later tested positive for semen.  What makes this more disturbing is that he also took photos of the kids with large cockroaches in their mouth.

About 80 teachers and 40 support staff are now being questioned and were replaced with all new staff this week.  It’s unfortunate that students not only paid the price of being permanently damaged by these sick men, but now some of their innocent staff members were removed.  They probably lost some of their favorite teachers and have to now deal with this incredibly frightening news, without their support.

School districts need to re-focus their oversight efforts.  Instead of worrying about the low pants, prayer in school or silly Facebook postings, they need to put more effort into this more serious problem…protecting students from disgusting teachers.

While most teachers are solid and admirable the few that slip through the cracks give them all a bad name.   This is just not fair to those who work hard to educate the children of our future.

Going forward, let’s hope the school districts implement a plan to end the chances of this happening again.  What do you think can be done to make sure children are safe at school?  They have cameras to monitor our every move, why not cameras in the classrooms?

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  1. Cynthia

    February 7, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    i feel that all schools should have survielience cameras installed and someone should monitor them , on a hourly basis. We spend enough tax dollars on items that schools can do without.


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