09 Feb

FACEBOOK going public will make many of its employees instant millionaires. But the wealth reaches further than just inside their doors.  Back in 2005 a starving artist was offered $60,000 to paint murals on the walls of the Facebook corporate office. Instead of taking the cash, he asked for stocks, which was a decision that will change his life forever.

Local graffiti artist David Choe told Good Morning America that he took stocks instead of the money because it seemed more solid, and he likes to gamble.  Choe was not even a fan of Facebook, but took the assignment to “meet chicks”.  Well, this ended up being a great decision, because his stocks reportedly could now be worth $200 -$500 million, depending on who you ask.

Although most would be jumping for joy, the young artist said he was happy before the money and is not pleased that it caused him to lose his privacy.  He literally will go from rags to riches, but he also gives new meaning to the saying “Money does not bring happiness.”

So David, if you want to dump all that cash, feel free to send it my way.  Losing my privacy would not be an issue for me at all!  Or at least use it to buy a home in Chicago!

This $60,000 gamble paid off…with a huge return.

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