12 Feb

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards will likely have its highest ratings in years.  Since the live show aired just a day after the sudden death of Whitney Houston, millions tuned in to see how they would honor her legacy.  Initially most thought the show would revolve around her unfortunate passing, but they pulled it off with a good balance of remembering Whitney and recognizing the nominees.  LL Cool J hosted the showed and opened it with a prayer in her honor.

There was a blend of old and new artists, with performances by Paul McCarthy, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Tony Bennett, the Beach Boys (who still sounded great) and many others. Chris Brown also danced his way back into his fans heart, receiving one of many standing ovations along with a Grammy for “Best R & B Album“.  Taylor Swift blushed in amazement, as she received a prolonged standing ovation.  Although I typically like her music, she looked a bit homely during her performance and I did not care for her song choice.

Nicki Minaj must be taking notes from Lady Gaga because she stepped even further outside her box.  She rapped in a theatrical fashion with an exorcism theme, floating on stage with roman geared background dancers.  Not sure where she was going with that routine but in my opinion, it just did not work.  It would not be surprising if she gets some backlash from religious groups as well.

However, some of my favorite performances of the night were by two of the nominees. Bruno Mars, had the crowd on their feet with his upbeat tune and smooth, perfectly executed dance moves.  His talent is beyond words, and what makes him special is his variety of hits.

Adele sang “Rolling In The Deep” with passion and true emotion, especially since it was after her recent throat surgery.  It not only earned her an extended standing ovation but also the top Grammy’s honors for “Song Of The Year” and “Record Of The Year.”  Which makes me wonder, what’s the difference?  Song or record, uhmmm?  Adele also won; “Best Pop Vocal Album”, “Pop Album of The Year”, “Album Of The Year”, “Best Pop Solo Performance.”  She definitely was the “Golden Girl” of the evening winning six awards.  At only 23-years-old, this will be a night to remember.  Her Album ‘21‘ was the top seller in 2011 with over 6 million units sold, and she is now even with Beyoncé for most Grammys won by a female in a single night.

The show stopper was Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston singing “I Will Always Love You”.  Her heartfelt rendition brought tears to her eyes as well as those in the audience, as they stood on their feet and cheered.  If you did not get chills up your spine, you may need to get checked.  And where was Chaka Khan?  Heard she dropped out of the tribute, via Twitter.  She tweeted, “As I grieve the loss of my friend and ‘little sister,’ I don’t feel it appropriate to perform at this time. Continue to pray for the family.”

While I truly adore Adele and believe she was well-deserving of her awards, it would have been good to see Bruno Mars receive a bit more recognition.  If only two awards could be given in some of the categories.  He is also extremely talented and deserves his night in the spotlight at some point.  It seems like there is always one artist who sweeps them each year.

Overall, the show was fairly entertaining and had some good moments.  I am truly happy that Adele won so many awards…that was definitely the highlight of the night.  Foo Fighters also won big, taking home five Grammys.

It’s just unfortunate Whitney Houston was not there to experience the show and she is gone forever. But it was great to see her peers remember her in spirit.



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