15 Feb

AMERICAN IDOL is beginning to make me sick. It has now been two weeks in a row that they have shown contestants losing their lunch, or passing out.  What are they feeding these unfortunate souls? 

There is an endless list of incredible singers this year.  Why then are they wasting our time showing them barf or faint.  This is a singing competition not ‘ER’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  It’s not surprising that the ratings are down.  If they want to get the fans back, they may want to stop with the dramatic scenes of ill singers falling out. 

It amazes me how far shows will go to boost ratings.  But if they want a bit of advice, it may help to get back to the singers, stop with the “Love Fest” and convert back to what made it a success in the first place.  While many criticized Simon Cowell for his harsh “reality checks”, it is exactly what the contestants need to excel.  The music industry is extremely tough and they will need thick skin to make it, so time to give them some “Tough Love”. 

If Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson don’t step up their game, they may find themselves out of a job (similar to the Simon Axe).  The show truly is beginning to make me sick and it is such a shame.  They have some of the best voices of all seasons combined, so it would be best to stay focused on the singers.

Is it just me, or is it making you sick too?  Come on American Idol, time to get back on track.


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