19 Feb

The funeral for the “Queen of Pop”, Whitney Houston, was held this weekend.  While funerals are typically a day of mourning, this three-hour event was the opposite.  The exclusive guest list included a long list of celebrities, including; Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Tyler Perry, Ce Ce Winans, Kevin Costner, Clive Davis, R. Kelly and many others.  They helped make it more of a celebration of her life.

Tyler Perry provided a great eulogy sounding like a preacher, Clive Davis filled us in on her love for music and the early days, and R. KellyStevie Wonder and Alicia Keys sang their hearts out…but there was one true standout.  The Houston co-star of her popular movie “The Body Guard”, Kevin Costner, gave an 18 minute eulogy, which made you laugh, smile and cry all in one.  It was a well prepared chronicle of his time with her; it was so intriguing and compelling, the fact that it lasted so long did not matter.  This was by far the best presentation at a funeral I’ve ever heard, and I am sure others felt this too, because attendees gave him a standing ovation at the end.  It was surprising to hear this coming from a man, who is rarely seen interviews these days.

It was sad to think the best singer of our lifetime died at such a young age, but the love felt by so many in attendance made it easier to swallow.  Too bad Bobby Brown left before it began, due to seating dispute.  That was the only downside, which caused a bit of a shake-up. 

Mom Sissy Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina, should have found some comfort in the support shown this week.  And they really can take solace in the outstanding tribute by Kevin Kostner.  Let’s hope others will also remember all the good Whitney Houston brought to the World…I certainly will.


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