19 Feb

DONALD TRUMP’S popular television show, “Celebrity Apprentice” premiered tonight.  Whether you love him or hate him, due to his arrogance and/or bad hair, the show is definitely a hit.  When they announced the cast during the opening, it was a shocker.  Where have I been?  Maybe skipping through all the teasers with my Tivo has kept me in the dark.  I was surprised to see former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall who both seemed to be in hiding lately. 

Clay was one of the most popular Idol singers of past seasons, so we were expecting him to bust out like Kelly Clarkson.  Since his popularity was short-lived, this show should be a huge boost to get him back in the spotlight.  This also goes for comedian and former talk show host Arsenio Hall.  Maybe he is interested in getting back on the scene and boosting his career.   How long has it been for him? 

Well, season five should be interesting and entertaining.  It’s good to see them both on the show and hopefully it will help their careers.  Other cast members include; reality show stars, rock stars, super models, mob relatives, actors from Star Trek and The Incredible Hulk, etc., but Clay and Arsenio still stand out the most for me. 

The loud mouth and trouble maker from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Teresa Giudice, should also keep it exciting.  It was a smart move for her after her recent bankruptcy, but I don’t expect her to get far.  She  is definitely not the smartest cookie in the jar…did you see the episode with her cookbook meeting?  If so, you would agree.  

Let’s keep tabs on who’s the smartest of the group.  Who do you think will win as this years Celebrity Apprentice? 

On a side note, while Donald Trump typically makes my skin crawl, I like him on this show.  Go figure…but if you missed the show due to this same dilemma, it really is worth watching.  But I would challenge any one of them any day of the week!

Check out the full list of celebrities here.


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