21 Feb

Chris Brown and Rihanna announced they reunited earlier today, which surprised fans around the world.  But it was actually the release of two news songs “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up the Music” remixes, which they collaborated on.  Some speculate it may also mean they are dating again, but this was denied.  This news angered many people, because it rehashed memories of the 2009 altercation between the once inseparable power couple.

By now everyone has seen the photo’s of Rihanna’s beaten up face, apparently at the hands of Chris Brown.  During a fight he admitted to hitting her multiple times and is currently serving probation for the crime.  Although early on, there was an “order of protection” with restrictions against how close he could come in contact with Rihanna,  clearly they continue to have a bond.  It is a shock to most onlooker’s…why would she stay in touch with him?

The saying goes “once a beater…always a beater”.  It never really clicked until later in life.  Then it occurred to me that if a man can hit you once, what would stop him from doing it again?  But does this statement change when a man hits a woman at a very young age…then gets help?  Some say absolutely not…others say “people change”.  With Chris Brown being in the spotlight, it adds a new twist.  Maybe he can be saved since his anger issues were discovered during his youth and made so public.  Maybe he should be forgiven?  He has not hit another woman since then right?  Maybe his anger management sessions worked?  Don’t we ALL deserve a second chance?

The fact that his abuse of Rihanna was plastered everywhere, may change the dynamics of their situation.  Would he be so bold as to do it again?  That is doubtful.  Unless she becomes a woman hiding out and protecting his image, which is highly unlikely.  But taking abuse behind closed doors is common, as seen with “Housewive’s of Beverly Hills” reality tv star, Taylor Armstrong.

Women are abused every single day.  Most stay with their abusers due to fear, convenience, or the belief things will get better.  Hitting a woman is NEVER acceptable and we often wonder how these women can continue to live in this violent environment.  It seems easy enough to just “leave”, but many find themselves in a vicious cycle and see no way out.  What’s tragic is that when they stay or go back, the family support seems to vanish.  It does not help the situation to turn your back on them, but it is frustrating to see them protect their abusers.

The only positive light coming from Rihanna obviously forgiving Chris Brown, is that it puts this issue in the forefront.  Brown may actually have a shot at changing, but most men who hit once, can’t seem to stop.  This vicious cycle of abuse needs to end, and women need to find the strength to leave. 

If they really want to create a duet, it would be great to hear them sing a song together about ending the abuse.  They could call it “Stop The Spousal Abuse” and donate the proceeds to battered woman’s shelters around the world.  This would be a good way to begin the healing, and possibly offer Chris Brown the second chance he has yearned for.

Does Chris Brown deserve a new start and another shot at redemption?  I believe he does…but one step out of line and all bets are off.  Would I go back?  Definitely not!  If he bruised my face…love would be lost right after I knocked him out.

If you know someone being abused…help them find a way out.  They deserve better, but may be so battered they cannot see the light.

WARNING REMIX IS XXX – What was she thinking?

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  1. barbara

    February 22, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Abuse is based on careless behavior on the part of the abuser. Men that abuse women often do not strike other men. Why?? Because they know, they may get them. The only way that I can see this change, is that the man, as you say, comes out and talks about it openly. The othe important ingredient to a good outcome, he must not be with the same woman again. The pattern that evolved in their relationship invites the same response in certain situations, hense abuse. I believe women end up in abusive relationships because they think they can change the other person. Sometimes insecurity can keep a woman in a relationship, also the crazy belief that the man loves them a lot because it is a form of attention they are getting. The worse part is the shame, of, “how could I be so stupid”. If it is out in the open like this, it will be harder to leave and the next time she will keep it a secret. Often the behavior is progressive, meaner and more agressive. Knowing what I know now, I would NEVER go back!


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