22 Feb

CHRIS TUCKER RUSH HOUR VIDEO – his funniest ever! (warning some foul language)

It was sad to hear that my favorite comedian Chris Tucker is having issues with the IRS.  Maybe he should have done more movies along the way, like I told him.  Because now Uncle Sam and the state of Georgia is pursuing him for about $12 million in back taxes.

Tucker apparently “forgot” to pay the feds in 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006.  Hopefully he will figure out a way to get caught up quickly, but according to sources he has already began the process.  Last year he started selling off properties to avoid foreclosures and even sold a home worth over $4 million in a short sale for $2 million.

It’s crazy to think he’s in this position after making $25 million for “Rush Hour 3″ back in 2007 and millions more during his huge success with that movie franchise alone (those movies still make me laugh!).  Sadly enough, this is not new when it comes to celebrities with tax problems; stars like Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Doug E Fresh, Paul Hogan and others have also felt his pain.

Movie stars, athletes, recording artists, and celebrities unfortunately get sucked into the same game of trying to “Keep up with the Joneses”.  Most receive more money than they have ever experienced in their lifetime and get excited.  How could you not?  Finally you’re able to afford the luxuries in life, so you go for it!  I can’t blame them, you get all this cash at once and go crazy.  Let’s face it, they probably believe it will last forever.  This is like winning the lottery…how many of us have said all we would do with the money.

While this is bad news for Chris, it is very good news for his fans.  Since he is buried in debt to the IRS, he will definitely have to make more movies in the near future to pay them off and avoid jail time.

It’s already rumored that he’s considering reviving the popular “Friday” movies.  This is exciting to hear because Chris Tucker is one of the funniest comedians around and we all want more!

It would be smart if new celebrities had a financial coaching center to attend, especially in advance of their first BIG payday.  They really need a place to help them understand how best to invest their money and plan their future.  They should be warned of the issues that can arise in this volatile world called “fame”.  Someone should step up and guide them so they don’t fall into this same trap.  It seems to happen repeatedly and needs to end.  But let’s not judge them, because it could happen to anyone.

Hey Chris, look me up if you need a great co-star…I can open up my calendar just for you:).   Now go make a movie already!  So you can get them off your back…we love you man!

READ FULL STORY HERE and check out the LIST OF OTHER STARS with IRS problems.

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