25 Feb

The Academy Awards 2012 will air live this Sunday on ABC.  Oscars will be presented for many incredible films, which likely had less viewers than usual.  Because if most movie enthusiast are like me, they may have missed out last year.  With the recession came limited funds and a budget, which caused fewer trips to the theatre. 

Although in the past, we visited the local movie theatre several times a month, job losses and huge pay cuts left many of us watching cable networks for the latest releases.  It’s sad to think that the only film on the top honors list this year, that I was able to catch, was “The Help”.  Well, at least it was powerful and worthy of my $10 bucks. Surprisingly enough, it was originally not even on the top of my list, with a limited budget I had to be selective.  However, I’m so glad I saw it, because the cast was truly perfection.

It will be hard to watch the awards show this year, without having seen most of the films nominated, but at least I can cheer for the nominees for Best Supporting Actress Octavia Spencer and Best Actress in a Leading Role Viola Davis.  They were both amazing and are deserving of the golden statue.  According to critics, these are tough categories this year, with serious competition.  However, since Octavia already won a Golden Globe as well as a SAG Award, and Viola also won a SAG award, it’s possible they can make it happen.  Let’s hope so!

It’s always a challenge to watch an awards show when you missed most of the movies nominated, but the good news is Billy Crystal is back as host.  He is outstanding in this role, so I am looking forward to his return. Quite frankly he is the only reason for me to watch this year.  His first stint was back in 1990 and he has hosted it a total of nine times.  It is good they came to their senses and brought him back, he certainly is made for this gig and no-one does it better.

How about you?  Did you see less movies this year? 

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