26 Feb

The 84th Annual Academy Awards aired tonight and two Oscar winners give us all hope.  One for their age and the other for their color. 

Octavia Spencer walked away with Best Supporting Actress for her incredible performance in “The Help”.  This gives many young black women hope…that they too can do the same.  Looking around the theatre filled with thousands of movie stars, it was very obvious color was hard to find.  So it was good to see at least one winner who represented the entire race, and that’s probably one of the reasons she received a standing ovation. 

While we are in 2012 and have a black President, as much as people want to deny it, there is still limited diversity in Hollywood.  This is incredibly disappointing.

It was also clear that people of different nationalities were honored multiple times and dominated this year, but that was as far as it went when it came to “diversity”.  While Viola Davis did at least receive a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role, recognition for people of color is rarely seen.  Will this ever change? 

Christopher Plummer was the second award winner to give us hope.  At 82-years-old, he became the oldest man to win an Oscar.  The announcement of his win, for the Best Supporting Actor in the film “Beginners”, received cheers from his peers.  This was certainly a moment to feel excitement, because knowing you can accomplish great things at that age is reassuring.  It is especially encouraging for me, seeing that I will likely be that age, if I would ever win an Oscar (for multiple reasons).  Number one, I have not yet starred in a film and number two is the “color thing”.

The overall show was a bit less stiff than usual and Billy Crystal is still the best host of all time.  Let’s just hope at some point we can experience a better blend of color nominated and in attendance.  Maybe sometime in the near future, Tyler Perry or Oprah can Direct and/or produce a film worthy of their praise.  What about the new Tyler Perry film “Good Deeds”?  Do you think we will see him there next year?

What year is this again? 


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  1. barbara

    February 27, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Ok, so you spoke about you being nominated for an award in making movies, the problem I see with that is the putting on part for you, as I see it you call it as you see it every time:)
    It has been said, that the arts reflect society as the whole and its evolution. Man, so we need to make some changes. Movies about guns, fast moving cars, violents of all kinds, drugs and jail have been fed to us long enough. How about something intelligent or (what I really miss) COMEDIES. Life sucks enough not to laugh any more. The comedies that have been made are often not funny or too sexual. No, I am not a prude, but subtle humor, where one has to think a little, would be welcomed. Oh yeah, on the subject of race, start appreciating black movies that are not related to slavery. How about also bringing in new blood, like represanting other races, since America is a land composed of hundreds of races. As you can see I have many complaints, and my pleas are probably not heard LOL


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