01 Mar

AMERICAN IDOL definitely has some of the best talent this year, in the stiffest competition yet.  It was tough to see so many amazing singer’s sent packing, but I guess someone had to go. 

It started with the top ten contestants being announced and while many names were not called, the only true shocker was Deandre BrakensickHow could he have not made the top ten?  Is America going deaf? 

Well, let’s break it down, the top five girls were Jessica, Hollie, Shannon, Skyler and Elise.  I agree they all gave breathtaking performances, but it seems like Erica should have been selected early on too.  It’s just hard to figure out who she should have replaced. 

The top five guys rounded off with Heejun, Phillip, Joshua, Colton and Jermaine.  The only one who could have been initially replaced was Heejun with Deandre.  It was good to see Jemaine make the cut, after being eliminated then brought back earlier on.  That was definitely a shock, but his low baritone voice was very much needed for the show.

Then on to the “Wildcard” round…where the judges selected six girls and guys to “sing for their lives”.  Each judge was then able to select one of their favorites.  It was evident they all really wanted to stay in the competition, because they truly gave it their all.  The six selected were Jeremy, Reed, Brielle, Erika, and Deandre.  The stand-outs were Deandre, Jeremy and Erica.  Jeremy performed tearfully with heart and soul and brought everyone on their feet.  Deandre belted out “Georgia” with such range, he deserved to stay.  Erika was solid and brought it home.  Although the unique and artistic singer Reed was pumped, he seemed a bit too desperate for my taste.   But who did the judges choose to stick around?  

The three wildcard picks were Erika (by Randy) Jeremy (by JLO), and thankfully one of my favorites, Deandre (by Steven Tyler).  I was starting to doubt my last blog, where I called him a star…whew!

This was an extremely hard round, but the final top 13 are all stellar performer’s and they should make for a great season.  The Idol contestants sent packing should leave with their heads held high, because some seriously talented singer’s went home tonight.  Bye, bye…Hallie, Reed, Jennifer, Haley, Elise, Eben, Creighton, Chase, Aaron, Adam and Baylie.

On another note, Jimmy Iovine is obviously successful as Chairman of Interscope Records, but he became annoying tonight. Although some of his points were well-taken, others were completely off the mark.  Why can’t Heejun have some personality and humor?  Boring singers never get far so that was bad advice.  And sorry…he was wrong saying that Deandre was not ready for “Reasons”, he blew it out the water!  Maybe Jimmy needs a new hearing aid, because he seemed a bit off tonight.

Did your favorite survive?


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