07 Mar

Tonight AMERICAN IDOL contestants took on two of the most amazing, yet challenging singers of all time.  When I first heard they were given the task of singing Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston tunes, I wondered if they could accomplish this huge assignment.  But with the incredible talent this year…there was no need to worry.

In season’s past, it probably would have been impossible to believe they could sing these difficult songs.  However, considering the task at hand, they all passed with flying colors.  Although some may have slightly missed their mark, there were no real disasters.  And trust me, there could have been.

The stand-outs for me tonight were Jessica, Skylar, Hollie and Josh.  They received praise from the judges and had the audience on their feet.  However, Erika, Heejun, Jeremy, and Josh also surprised me tonight and gave some of their best performances of the season.  I guess they all really impressed me so the list pretty much names them all and could go on.  And Heejun giving them an autographed photo of himself to the coaches was priceless!

Although they all brought their “A” game, Jessica Sanchez, hands down gave the best performance of the evening.  Whitney Houston was definitely smiling down on her, as she flawlessly belted out the classic hit, “I Will Always Love You”.  Jessica was the clear winner tonight and nailed it; she is now officially the one to beat.

While Steven Tyler said Elise and Shannon were the two likely to be in trouble, based on their past performances, Shannon should still sail through to the next round.

Mary J. Blige was the guest coach along side Jimmy Iovine and actually provided great feedback.  She just may be a good choice for Simon Cowell to consider as a replacement on The X Factor.

The contestants are truly the best of the best, so the only thing still missing this season is Simon Cowell.  It is starting to really set in…they need his presence and candor to make this show work.  Randy Jackson criticizing contestants, just isn’t the same.

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