13 Mar


TMZ just tweeted a shocking revelation about American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones.  The singer appeared to be on a lucky streak when he was invited back, after being cut before the live show.  He also was saved by the judges and made it through a round with the voter’s.  Seemed he was on the road to success…until now.

The extremely tall “momma’s boy” with the deep powerful voice, may have just run out of luck.  According to reports, Jones allegedly lied to producer’s saying his dad abandoned him for ten years.  But when his father stepped forward to say this was untrue and he spoke with him regularly, producer’s dug deeper into his past and found some dirt.  It goes to show, one lie turns into another and you eventually get caught.

Idol producer’s found that Jones was arrested a couple of times last year and lied to police about his name.  But to make things worse, he also reportedly has several warrants out for his arrest.  Why would he go on national television?  Not a really smart move!

The producer’s were concerned about keeping him on the show because he lied about his criminal past and his arrests were apparently for violent crimes. Looks like Jones is heading home…or to the joint.  Idol kicked him off the show, but at least they did it in a respectful way and with class.

It’s unfortunate to hear that he is not the loveable “teddy bear” he portrayed and American Idol gave him the boot tonight.  But why wouldn’t they check the contestant’s background before allowing them on the show.  They just rely on “taking their word for it”?  This seems ridiculous and it could put other contestants in a dangerous situation.

Maybe they should consider adding a criminal background check to their list.  American Idol certainly makes enough money for a $50 report.  Want to check out his criminal photo, visit and see if you can find him, there must be a MILLION Jermaine Jones who break the law!

Jermaine looked extremely remorseful in the end, so it was painful to watch.  Maybe he will get a third chance at some point, because he really does have a great voice.


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  1. jolene sailer

    March 14, 2012 at 12:55 am

    britttaj, I enjoy your post’s to my email except when it involves frivilous matters. You seem to be an intellegent lady. The bachelor or bachelorette production is a waste of time to the true meaning of love, respect, friendship, honesty, true human friendship. It is sad so much money is wasted on the mockery of friendship and marriage. I am glad I am one of the few that never watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette as true romance and love for one another takes time and has no price tag. This reality show is disrespectful to our Nation, we should be doing sit-ups for push-ups instead of watching fake love.

    • brittaj

      March 14, 2012 at 10:40 am

      Jolene, sometimes meaningless shows are a release from reality. I know some are not too important as it relates to real life, but if we only focus on the harsh realities of life, we may all go CRAZY! Thanks for your input, but my blogging is a way to express myself no matter what the topic.

      • jolene sailer

        March 14, 2012 at 12:50 pm

        That is true Brittaj, I do agree that life can be harsh and a release from reality is good therapy. I appreciate your reply and your blogging is refreshing…no matter what the topic. I appreciate you. Have a great day and again I thank you for your reply. Respectfully, Jolene.


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