15 Mar

Well, ex-governor Rod Blagojevich finally arrived at his new home today.  That’s right, the federal prison in Colorado, where he will begin his 14-year stint in the joint.  As the world knows, he was convicted of corruption charges and received the longest sentence in the history of Illinois politicians.

Many ex-convicts have provided Blago with words of advice, but the common message has been the same. They all seem to agree, that when he arrives and gets settled, he needs to shut his mouth.  None of the drug dealers, rapist, career criminals or just plain jail birds could care less what he did before getting caught.  Being an ex-politician may actually put more of a target on his back, so he may want to listen for once.  He could not seem to keep his mouth shut before heading to the slammer, but he will certainly learn quickly to do just that.

It was not surprising he kept his same chant, “I am innocent and the truth will come out!”, all the way to the end.  But his words are all still in vain and will mean nothing to the guards, inmates, or warden.  He will be a “regular” suited inmate with a number just like the rest of them.  They definitely will not be interested in hearing him whine for the next 14-years, so he better get comfortable.

Although he was found guilty of corruption, we know other politicians have and are currently doing the same thing.  Which kind of makes me feel a bit bad for the guy.  I know if you do the crime, you do the time…but he seems so unprepared for a long stint behind bars.

He chose Colorado because they have a camp next door, which he could end up in a few years, and more frequent visits allowed at this particular prison.  If he can learn to keep quiet, do as he’s told, learn to scrub a toilet and just blend in…he may just survive.

Well, at least he got to eat his last cheeseburger before heading out.  But I wonder if he will keep his hair in check?  Do they have a hair stylist at that prison?

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