18 Mar

WHITNEY HOUSTON was a legend in the music industry, so when she died suddenly, fans around the world mourned her death.  So it’s not surprising that her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is taking the news even harder.  First she was hospitalized after suffering from emotional breakdowns, now rumors have surfaced that she is allegedly dating her “unofficially” adopted brother Nick Gordon.

After Nick ran into some family issues about 10 years ago, Whitney apparently felt she needed to help.  So she allowed him into her family circle and reportedly treated him as a son.  Therefore, he essentially became the “brother” to little Bobbi Kristina.

In recent weeks Nick and Bobbi have been seen holding hands and kissing, and some close friends have reportedly confirmed they are “dating”.  Some have criticized this relationship, but in the end, if they are not blood related and happy what’s the problem?

Why not let Bobbi mourn for the loss of her mother in peace and with someone close to her.  This is not a new situation, many reach out to their closest allies when in pain or after experiencing a loss.  If this helps her deal with her emotions of losing a parent, so be it. 

The public needs to get a clue and let her live her life as she sees fit…it’s not like this is a Jerry Springer type relationship, where she is dating her ACTUAL brother.

Bobbi Kristina…hold your head up high and do what you feel is right, don’t let the critics change how you feel.  Live your life to the fullest….and find happiness where you can.

Interested to know what you think?  According to TMZ, her friends are shocked!

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  1. jolene sailer

    March 18, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    I totally agree with you Brittaj! And TMZ should contribute to society by getting honest, REAL jobs! Karma always come to “kiss” you, so eventually TMZ and others like them will meet full circle. Blessings and prayers to Bobbi Kristina and “family”.


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