28 Mar

New reports suggest former NBA star Dennis Rodman is “broke,” “extremely sick” and could go to jail for falling behind in child support payments, which is no surprise.  Anyone following his behavioral patterns in recent years, knows he clearly had a drinking problem.  According to the media he now owes over $800,000 in child support, $51,000 in spousal support and about $350,000 in back taxes.

The 51-years-old has apparently blown through over $27 million dollars earned during his long career as a star basketball player.  Not only was he a part of the world-champion Chicago Bulls, he also played for the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers.

According to his attorney, he owes back child support for two children he had with third wife Michelle Rodman.  But it seems he may never catch up, due to his severe alcoholism and illness which supposedly does not allow him to work.  It’s still not clear if his illness is only his drinking problem or health related.

Rodman, was one of the most popular players in the height of his career, with nicknames familiar to sports fans around the world.  Many called him “The Worm” or “Dennis the Menace,” and followed his every freakish move.  From wearing a wedding dress, dressing in drag to dating Madonna and marrying Carmen Electra, he kept himself in the spotlight.

But over the years his celebrity status started to fizzle so he tried to rebuild his image with a stint on Donald Trump’s popular television show “Celebrity Apprentice“.  However, it seemed to taint him even more, as his drinking problem was evident.

It’s tragic to hear that a man who won five NBA championships with the Pistons and Michael Jordan’s Bulls has hit rock bottom.  He also led the NBA in rebounding seven straight seasons, which is an amazing accomplishment.

Many ask how someone could earn so much money and lose it all.  Well, what do you think will happen to a young man who comes from nothing?  There is no real guidance or oversight for many of these players.  It’s like winning the lottery without money management skills.  If you don’t come from wealth it’s hard to comprehend how best to make use of it, when you finally obtain it.  Most spend it on lavish homes, fancy cars, parties, women and fun.  This is what anyone who is not used to having millions would do.  What do most people say when they are asked what they would do if they won the lottery?  That they would buy lot’s of things.  This is sad, but until someone steps forward to truly help young celebrities and sports figures with their finances (and not rip them off too), it will continue.

According to news reports, he is headed to a court hearing in Orange, California on Tuesday and could be jailed up to 20 days for failure to pay child and spousal support.  Where are his true friends during his time of need?  Did he chase them all away, or are they just tired of trying to help?  He apparently cannot even pay his own living expenses, so maybe Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley will lend a hand.

Although many criticize Rodman for his shortcomings, I’m not that quick to judge.  If you look into his childhood, his background shaped him and affected his life.  He was trying to do the right thing, but got lost along the way.  And when you think about it, he accomplished a lot in his life, considering his circumstances.  Let’s not judge Dennis…let’s try to get him help.

But on another note, he cannot be forgiven for failing to pay child support.  Parents need to always step it up when it comes to their kids.  No excuses.  Not even alcoholism.


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  1. jolene sailer

    March 28, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    brittaj, your last note says it all…regarding his responsibilities of child support! If he would stop being such a self-centered “child” himself, he would not be facing his bad “Karma”. He is a self- centered, insecure man that needs to grow up and face reality. No sympathy from me!


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