30 Mar

The Mega Millions Jackpot in now the largest jackpot in the history of the lottery.  This is exciting news for the multi-state lottery and the millions hoping to cash in. Many are standing in long lines for their shot at winning the whopping $640,000,000 prize.  Now that’s worth the $1 ticket…even if the chances of dying from a bee sting are greater than winning.

Mathematical analyst have deflated the millions of hopefuls, offering their input on the chances of winning.  They break down to your chances of selecting all the winning numbers is 1 out of 176,000,000.  Want to increase your odds of winning?  Duh…buy more tickets (and pray!)  Analyst also offered a bit of advice when choosing your numbers; mix in higher numbers.  Their theory is that most players select their birthday’s or special anniversary dates, which are all under 31.  This does not mean using higher numbers will definitely increase your odds of winning, but it may help you become a single winner.  Most jackpot’s this large draw players who typically do not spend money on tickets, which increases the odds of multiple winners.

If you were to win, would you take the lump sum payout of about $300 million or take over time?  Well, my advice would be to take the cash and run!  What if they run out of money 20 years from now…then what?

Everyone I talk to seems to have claimed this jackpot.  They all say “I’m winning this cash!”  But if you do not have a combination of luck….luck…and luck, don’t hold your breath.  It is great to dream about all you could do with all that cash, but let reality step in and remind you…hard work is probably the best way to earn money.

Good luck to all the dreamers out there and yes I too would love to win!  But I know it’s best to stick with blogging for now…with those odds am I certainly not holding my breath.

What would you do with all that cash?  Did you know you can buy lottery tickets on line now?  Visit and play away!

WINNING MEGA MILLIONS LOTTERY NUMBERS 3/30/12 – 2-4-23-38-46  MB 23 (double check at


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