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Many make mistakes when trying to land a new job.  In reality simple things can help you secure one and stand out above your competition. So you ask, “What makes you the expert?”  Well, it’s not that I am an expert, but let me tell you, I’ve held management positions for many years and know why applicants were quickly dismissed.  During my 25 years in supervisory roles, I have interviewed hundreds of people and know exactly what to look for in the perfect candidate.

The top things to remember when trying to secure a job are listed below.  If you are serious about landing a new job, you may want to read them and consider the ones that apply to you.  While some tips listed below may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised how many fail at the basics. Share this with anyone searching for a job…you may just help them land it!


  1. Don’t be late for the interview, it is astonishing how many people fail this simple task.
  2. Don’t use references who will not provide a favorable one.  Many people list referrals who say negative things about them, in this case it is best to have none at all.
  3. Don’t put a phone number on your resume, if it risks having an unprofessional person answer the phone.  So many numbers I called, had rude or tasteless people answer.  It is a turnoff and will hurt your chance of a call back.
  4. Don’t use unprofessional email addresses.  You would be amazed at some of them, or are no good (fictional examples of similar ones provided in the past).  Set up a free Hotmail or Aol account for business. Use first initial, last name if possible or a professional name.
  5. Don’t oversell yourself or lie on your resume.  Chances are, you will be caught and lose all credibility.
  6. Don’t dress like you’re going to a night club.  Conservative professional attire is best for any position, be it busboy, manager, or janitor.  You only have one time to impress…dress your best.
  7. Don’t wear heavy cologne.  It makes the interviewer sick, which makes them rush through the interview to get rid of you.
  8. Don’t say negative things about yourself.  Many applicants have said incredible things, which made me question if I would hire them at all.  Example; “Well, I was only late a few times at my last job”.
  9. Don’t put on your resume what you did in the 70′s, no-one really cares.  Unless you were at the same company for that duration, keep it current.


  1. Always bring your resume, even when you applied on-line. Sample resumes can be found at
  2. Always smile and speak clearly during the interview.
  3. Always turn a question in a positive direction.  Example; Question “What are your weaknesses?” Answer “Some have said I’m a perfectionist, so I double-check things several times”.  While this may appear negative to you, it probably will be a positive to the interviewer.
  4. Always turn OFF your cell phone.  I have had multiple experiences where JayZ music blasted out of a cell phone during the interview, it is a sure distraction.
  5. Always send a “thank you” email or card after the interview.  Make sure you check for typos.
  6. Always double-check your resume for errors. Incorrect spelling or improper formatting go to the bottom of the pile.
  7. Always put your contact information on the resume and your name and information at the top of every page.
  8. Always focus on what you bring to the table.  Practice with a friend prior to your meeting, so you have answers ready and do not stumble.  If you seem assured, chances are they will see your confidence.
  9. Always smile and thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet, upon leaving.

While there are many other areas people fail, if you follow these simple steps your chances will go up significantly.  If you have more suggestions to help others or have questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Now go land that job!

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