04 Apr

AMERICAN IDOL is down to the final eight contestants and the cut will be brutal this week.  In the past eleven seasons, when it got to this number it was fairly simple to pick off the week links.  But tonight the performances were so strong, it is difficult to determine who will be in the bottom three tomorrow night.

While they all were stellar and sang with passion, the stand-out were definitely Josh, DeAndre, Colton and Jessica.  My absolute favorites were DeAndre, who slayed the classic hitI Like It by Debarge and Josh who brought down the house with the Simply Red version of If You Don’t Know Me By Now“.  Colton added an amazing twist to the popular song Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper.  And yes, the drummer rocked it out!

And I must say for the first time this season, Skylar finally made me take notice.  She often prances around the stage a bit wildly and normally annoys me.  But tonight she stood on stage and belted out the song with no frills, which was refreshing.  She actually gave her best performance of the entire season.

The duets were also outstanding and they are much more enjoyable to watch than the group songs of the past.  It was exciting to see them pair up similar singers, but the best of the best was Josh and Jessica.  They sounded great together and pulled each other up, reaching new heights.

It’s hard to tell who may end up at the bottom this week, but my guess is would be Elise, Phillip and Hollie.  Although the only one who truly picked the wrong song was Elise.  While the others also gave solid performances, someone has to receive the lowest amount of votes.

This may not be the most memorable season, but the talent surpasses all other seasons.  The bottomline…top eight is great!

On another note, if I had to judge the judges, Jennifer Lopez has stepped up her game.  She is by far the most comprehensive of them all and has the best advice when it comes to input.  Randy needs a better line than “Who’s gotta to have it?” is about as bad as “Come on dog!”.

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