08 Apr


The largest Mega Million jackpot in history reached $656M and three lucky winners selected all numbers.  They came from three states including; Illinois, Maryland and Kansas.  None of the winners stepped forward until now…but we are still in the dark as to who they are.  Lottery officials had a party celebrating the lump sum payout of $218 million to the Kansas ticket holder, but they had to use a cutout poster board with a smiley face as the claimant.

Apparently the extremely smart winner would like to stay anonymous, so lottery officials are not releasing any information about their age, gender, or hometown.  They are obviously lucky in more than one way…Kansas law allows them to take their winnings privately unlike some other states.

Could you blame them?  Winning all that money and sharing this information with the world, probably is not a good idea.  Everyone from long-lost family members to people with sob stories would stand in line for a hand-out.  It is probably the smartest decision they could make during this incredibly exciting time.  It certainly had to be a tough thing to do…they would love to scream out to the world “I WON!  I WON!”  But a practical attorney had to have given them words of wisdom…”You may want to keep this to yourself”.

If you won the Lottery would you share the news with the world, just family and close friends, or keep it a secret?  For me it would be hard to hide…since the new car, house, lavish trips and private donations to my friends and family would be challenging to shrug off.  “Uhm…I’m not sure why you received that $50k check?”

Read more here and check out PHOTO at the KANSAS CITY STAR
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