12 Apr

AMERICAN IDOL had a scare tonight as the judges truly earned their millions.  The ending had fans in shock and shouting in disbelief, and that included me.  It came down to the bottom three stunning us all, and one of the best singers almost going home.

The show was packed with performances tonight.  The show started with the remaining contestants singing Pink’s popular tune “Raise Your Glass“.  Then former Idol finalist James Durbin performed his new rock song, which was followed by a polished performance by Jennifer Hudson singing alongside Neo.  She sounded and looked great and brought the audience to their feet with her new single “Think Like A Man“.  Listen to the lyrics and fall in love with this message!

Getting down to serious business, the first two called to center stage were Hollie and Jessica.  Ryan Seacrest asked them to create two sides, obviously to keep the suspense going.  As Hollie headed to the opposite side of the stage, she had a look of horror and must have thought to herself “darn, I want to be on Jessica’s side”.  Especially after Jimmy Iovine totally ripped her last performance, calling her “stiff” in comparison to Jessica.  But was she right in thinking that?

So let’s cut to the chase, the huge shock tonight was just how badly America got it wrong.  The bottom three singers were Elise, Jessica and Josh, making me wonder if a producer put the wrong names on the card.  Josh and Jessica are clearly the best singers in this competition.  But another thing which could have happened; people did not vote and expected them to sail through.

Does the show do this to keep the fans on their toes?  Sometimes it makes me think they do this on purpose to add suspense.  Jessica Sanchez was on her way home?  This seems crazy and now makes me take back my angry statement about the judges keeping their save from Deandre Brackensick.  It was good to see Jennifer Lopez grab the microphone out of her hand and say “of course we’re using the save!”  No need for Jessica to continue her song, her tears were all for nothing.

Who will win Idol?  If America actually gets it right Jessica Sanchezshould be the clear winnerBut Josh and Colton will definitely give her a run for the money, so she better watch her back!  Come on America…pick up the phone and vote for the best singers, or we will end up with the “second best” as the winner.

In the end no one went home on Idol tonight, but that means two will leave next week. Let’s hope it is NOT Jessica or Josh.

On another note, Jimmy really seems to love Skylar…but she really is not a top pick for me. But she did hang on once again, so maybe America is feeling her too.

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