14 Apr

According to USA Today, what happens in Colombia…does not stay in Colombia.  About twelve of President Obamas ‘secret service men quickly discovered they were not in Vegas.  They were removed of their security detail and sent home, when their alleged involvement with prostitutes in Colombia, was revealed earlier today.

An anonymous U.S. official confirmed the report when questioned by The Associated Press.  The actual number of those involved was not released, but many speculate it was a about a dozen assigned to protecting U.S. officials while in Cartagena, Colombia.  While attending the sixth Summit of the Americas.

While the Secret Service spokesman,  Edwin Donovan would not comment on details of the scandal, he did release a statement addressing the allegations. Donovan told the press “these personnel changes will not affect the comprehensive security  plan that has been prepared in advance of the President’s trip.

Some critics have blamed President Obama for their misconduct, but seriously…he is not assigned to babysit personnel. These are grown men who should be held accountable for their own actions.  Now had it been former President Bill Clinton in office…it may have been another story.

Why do powerful men keep getting sidetracked by the Black Widow?  Maybe they should consider having women as Secret Service agents…they would certainly NOT put themselves in this position.

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