17 Apr

The Voice has given American Idol a run for the money this year.  It is the alternative singing competition show which also showcases incredible singers.  The ratings have continued to surge while Idol ratings have reached a low this year.  Originally, I did not like the format and stuck to watching American Idol and X Factor.  But this year I decided to give it a second chance and it started to grow on me…until now.

In earlier elimination rounds, the judges sent many of the wrong contestants home which made me begin to lose interest …but I still held on.  But after last nights decision by Christina Aguilera to send home Chicago’s extremely talented singer, Jesse Campbell, it sealed the deal.  This was a poor choice and he clearly is a far better singer than the ones she saved.  While she defended her decision tonight without a solid reason, the fans obviously were not happy with the shocking elimination and her horrible judging skills.  Chicagoan’s were especially outraged!

Anyone watching the show, knew this single parent of a young daughter, should have made it to the finals.  This was such a disappointment, but we all know it will only help further his career in the music industry.  Remember Jennifer Hudson?  That’s right, she did not make it to the end either…and has far surpassed her other former competitors.

Christina needs to take a course in judging and buy a hearing aid.  She definitely made a Simon Cowell type error in judgement (remember Melanie Amaro?).  What was she thinking? This should cause her to lose sleep for a while and certainly lowered her credibility as a judge.

Well, at least the show had one highlight tonight.  Justin Bieber, made a guest appearance announcing the “sneak peek” his new hit song video “Boyfriend”.   He also agreed to sing it during the season finale, which made the fans cheer and temporarily forget about Christina’s mishap.

Jesse Campbell will reach new highs with the news of his departure hitting the airwaves.  This can only help his career…so make it happen Jesse!

Looks like I will stick with American Idol and X Factor after all.  Even if Simon Cowell was robbed during a one night stand, he is still a better judge!




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  1. DM

    April 18, 2012 at 6:30 am

    Honestly I’m not surprised. Its funny actually how people reacted here. Look, this is a SHOW. In every show, there are Political and Marketing aspect. If you take a look closer at our MUSIC (or movie) industry today, they have one common rule. “The younger the singer/artist, the more profitable they can be.” Let me give you an example, Taylor Hicks from American Idol. He’s now 36. And he’s net worth is around what… around…$2M (rough estimate). How about Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga? These people are in their prime spot and big companies from retailer to food & etc want them.

    Secondly, this is a SHOW not only by talent BUT! by NETWORK station. Come on people, the more buzz it creates, the more people will be interested about it. Thus, the more people will watch the show! RATINGS COUNT!

    THIRD, You seriously think that they haven’t thought the impact of this? Of course they’ve figured it all out. From the song choices and the contestants that they think HAS the POTENTIAL, HAS the GROWTH (like what Christina said on her script. Honestly, I feel bad about the judges. I would say she didn’t follow her gut but that’s what the “higher-ups” decided.) and most of all MARKETABLE will win the SHOW. Take note I didn’t use the word “COMPETITION” because for me it is a SHOW. “LET THE BATTLE ROUND BEGINS!”

    Bottom line. Just enjoy the freaking show.

    • brittaj

      April 18, 2012 at 8:57 am

      DM….I agree. It’s all about the marketing and the higher-ups likely pick their star from the start. They do want ratings and buzz but this may have backfired on them this time. What’s disappointing is these type of shows give people over 25 false hope…but I guess it at least gives them a “sort of” second chance. The problem for me is I never really enjoyed this show…so this move just confirmed my decision to tune out.

  2. Alfred Woodard

    April 19, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    The show is called “The Voice”, what a misnomer. I wanted to see this kid win because he has real talent. It’s hard to believe in 2012 that people allow marketers to cloud their opinion and judgement. If Aguilera was forced to eliminate him shame on the marketers. It would have been nice if some of the other judges had the power to save a contestant, wishful thinking…


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