18 Apr

American Idol had a close call last week with Jessica Sanchez nearly going home.  Thanks to the judges she hung on for dear life when the save was used.  But anyone watching the show, knows the save should have never been needed.  Jessica is clearly the best singer in the competition and did not come close to deserving that scare.

According to the Idol poll below, nearly 80% of the voter’s put her in first place.  So how likely is it that she received the lowest number of votes?  While I don’t want to speculate, many are shouting “foul” after the surprising announcement last week.

Do the producers create this type of situation for ratings?  Is it all done in a calculated move to receive free press and hype?  Well, we will likely never hear the true answer to this question, but it does seem to happen every year.  It could also be blamed on the lack of votes coming in because viewers “assume the favorites are safe”.  But why wouldn’t they vote for their favorite?

What do you think?  Is American Idol rigged for ratings or is this just a fluke?

On another note, American Idol Producers can forget about a lawsuit, I have no money and this is only a question…not a guilty sentence.

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